I know what you’ll say! I know it’s Spring, which means Summer is coming, which implies short shorts and bathing suits, and which in turn equals no carbs, no sugar from now until September, at least. So relax, I’m not one to go against social order (most of the time) and to distract anyone from their own body related issues (although I DO believe that everyone’s beautiful and we’re all made of stars). But . . . I just couldn’t help myself. When I have to bake, I have to bake. If I’m angry, I usually do bread or pizza, just something with a dough that requires constant smacking across a hard surface. If I’m happy I simply bake sweets. And lately, I’ve been really happy 🙂
I’m wearing a vintage 60’s dress that I got in New York from Screaming Mimis, which is actually the second reason behind this post. How can this dress not make you want to bake something and record it for posterity? The red patent shoes are Zara, and the belt is from Musette.
And now for the food. What I decided on was a batch of vanilla cupcakes, that I never did before, but which proved to be quite approachable and doable once I found the right recipe. I followed one from the Joy of Baking, but if you’d rather search for a different one I’d suggest the amazing food porn site that is Taste Spotting.
After pre-heating your oven, you start by putting the ingredients on your working surface and try following you chosen recipe closely. Or as best as you can, should be fine really.
Also, try finding cute/stylish paper cups to line the tray with. It really does make a difference.
And while you wait for these beauties to bake . . .
One should definitely treat herself or himself to a well-deserved cup of tea. Your choice of flavour.
And before you know it, they’re done! Just ice them after they cool down and decorate to your liking. I went with strawberries cut in half to keep with the whole red accessories theme. But go wild, creativity has no boundaries!
Hope the recipe is to your liking and, in case you decide to try it, let me know how it turns out. Now, at the suggestion of a dear friend who got a sneak preview of this post, I’m off to see Julie & Julia. Here’s to the joys of baking and have a good weekend everyone!