Today in contamporary dance class, for one of the exercises, we had to choose a partner, walk through the room, and improvise dance moves while one of us had his eyes closed. Then we switched in order to become guides instead of followers, while the other had his eyes closed. After we experienced both roles, we all had to close our eyes and walk through the room. It was an excellent example of being responsible for someone else, of letting go, and of being aware of your surroundings without using your sight. After the class, my partner for the excersise started a most interesting conversation about how one could describe color to people who are born blind. One ideas that she suggested was to associate color with a taste or a feeling. This was a nice continuation of the conversation we had before the class, about how we should start exploring and interacting with everything that is around us, and not just see it as a flat picture. Be aware of who you are inside, but try to live outside yourself.
Except for the aforementioned class and a few other appointments connected to the new project, I have not been out much these past days. So today I’ll just post a few photos of lounging around the house in an easy-breezy outfit, because Winter seems to be finally over, and I cannot wait for Spring.


Shirt: Stefanel
Tee: Stefanel
Jeans: Current/Elliott
Necklace: H&M
Bangles: Indian jewelry stand in Place d’Arme, La Condamine MC
So, how would you describe orange? . . .