The Underground sign, Hackney carriages, the Big Ben, the big wheel they like to call the London Eye, the Tower of London, which is not much of a tower, come to think of it, fish&chips, The Queen along with the crown jewels, and Buckingham Palace, imperturbable guards, and especially a red telephone booth… All are more than common London cliches that tourists love to cross out of their to-do list, and locals are far from fed up with.
But like it or not, our lives are already overflowing with stereotypes, and cliches. So why not allow yourself one day a month, at least, to be silly and act out any sort of cliche you want. After all, we seem to be living in a world where anyone can whoever they want to be, regardless of facts or reality. But I digress, hence, since we’re talking London, as the immensely hilarious, and extremely informed Bill Bryson said:
“The fact is that this is still the best place in the world for most things – to post a letter, go for a walk, watch television, buy a book, venture out for a drink, go to a museum, use the bank, get lost, seek help, or stand on a hillside and take in a view.”
Thus, whether you’re in London or not, take an hour off and go be extremely productive at something utterly unimportant, I’m sure you deserve it. Happy Monday!
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