Geoffrey Chaucer would say ‘And she was fair as is the rose in May.’ Well May could be traditionally known as the month of roses, yet any month is perfect for seeing the world through pink tinted glasses.
Thus even though it’s December it is in rosy hues that I see the world in, and so my wardrobe is blooming with ultra feminine items and soft, cosy fabrics, courtesy of the latest London shopping spree. However it is the French romantic femininity and Parisian flair that have inspired me this time; a silky pink cardigan, a wide headband made out of chiffon roses, a soft ample leather skirt, and high heel mary janes. And let us not forget about such details as sequin covered pockets, bow print tights and pockets on the skirt. Oh I could go on forever.
Still the Parisian inspiration can only be taken so far, because what you are seeing is not a French bob, but my hair as you know it, only straightened and tucked in at the back. I’m sure you already know how damaging straightening can be without proper after care and most importantly without an excellent straightener.
However what you might have not known is what I’ve recently learned: there are people who make and sell fake straighteners! Fake bags, fake prints, fake glasses this was all common knowledge. Yet fake straighteners! Here’s one more thing to worry about!
Remember I talked about my love for ghd in a post before? Just to see how serious they are about their work, they have a special section that lets you see if your ghdretailer is a respected one or not, just check it out here . Because if there’s one thing worst that a fake bag that’s a fake straightener. A fake bag can be discarded, but a fake straightener will make you want to discard your own hair. And there’s no worst accessory other than damaged hair.
But we are looking at the pink side of life  today, so let’s just hope none of us have to come to that. Now, let’s go and dream 🙂

H&M Headband and Cardigan,
Topshop Skirt and Shoes,
Tabio Tights