I spent the entire morning downloading and saving Facebook photos and messages.
I remembered times when getting home after a party wasn’t as easy as one would assume, I remembered why I didn’t have a lot of photos from a particularly amazing birthday (a good friend sadly lost her camera), how I accidentally (!!) set a friend’s hair on fire. I remembered good days, bad days, fun trips and important life moments, be that graduation or the moment I bought my first pair of designer shoes.
I remembered why I started my Facebook account, to share photo with real-life friends, and now, I was thinking about why I’m closing it. The reasons are numerous, and I’m sure they’ve crossed everyone’s mind at one point or another, yet to sum them up I would say Facebook has become a sort of “too much time spent on too little in return” activity.
It is true that, as one friend said when I announced that I will be terminating my account, Facebook has the ability to create groups and is a great networking platform. Thus I will not get into details such as do you feel that your profile is secure enough, do you mind that they share and most probably sell your info to other companies, etc, because the number of advantages over disadvantages, and vice-versa is surely different for each person. And because I cannot ignore some of the advantages I have kept my blog page, and decided to minimise Facebook time and privacy sharing by closing my personal Facebook account.
What I found utterly interesting, especially if we talk about mass-manipulation, were the reactions that I got after announcing my decision. Some said goodbye as if I was leaving the country, or at least the town. Some said, of course, why, and that they will miss me, again, as if I were leaving for good, or worst, dying. And even those that congratulated me on the initiative then called to check if I meant it. Yet social platforms have come and gone I wonder if Facebook is going to be any different. Do you really think that leaving Facebook particularly is social suicide? Has the importance of Facebook presence overcome that our real life presence? Do you really think that there will come a time in the distant future when, if Karl Lagerfeld would delete his Facebook page, people will be asking Karl Who?






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