There have been so many unexpected things happening this past year, especially in fashion. From the departure of the great Alexander McQueen to Carine Roitfeld’s resignation from Vogue Paris, the fashion world has taken a completely different shape from the one it had at the beginning of 2010. It’s obvious that things don’t always work out the way we would want them to. As it is, nothing is really certain, and we can only rely on the small things in life. Hence I leave you with a wonderful list that I found one day on tumblr . . .
Life’s Natural Highs:
Falling in love
Hearing your favourite song on the radio
Lying in bed listening to the rain outside
Bubble baths
Long conversations late at night
Lazing on the beach
Running through sprinklers
Laughing at an inside joke
Laughing at yourself
Laughing at yourself
Laughing so hard your stomach hurts
Laughing for absolutely no reason at all
Having someone tell you that you’re beautiful
Stefanel Skater Skirt, Stefanel Knitted Vest
Lace tights form Harrods,
H&M Necklace and Bow belt
Louis Vuitton Booties
And don’t forget to:
Worry less
Smile more
Accept criticism
Take responsibility
Listen and love
Don’t hate
Embrace change
Feel good anyway