It’s strange how you can start loving something that you previously hated. The

opposite is always a possibility too, of course. A heartbreaking and paintful one,

but still a possibility.

Still, it’s normal that life changes. And that it changes you.

More often than not we acknowledge change, and then we make the choice

between embracing or rejecting it.

Yet when the changes come creeping in slowly and gradually and you start noticing

them only when they are already firmly implanted in your soul that is really when

things become inevitable.

My love for leopard is inescapable. My love for the truth is inflexible. The changes

in me are binding. Binds that start to look more and more like a bondage suit that

constricts my actions and blurs the line between love and hate. But to try and fight

these changes would be not only dangerous for my state of mind, but ultimately


Is my love for leopard here to stay? Will it rapidly switch to an adoration for reptile print

with the coming of the new season?

Time will tell. Until then . .

Embrace change, it’s the lesser of two evils.

And don’t forget: things are really not what they seem to be.

Now go put on a pair of neon heels, dye your hair purple, go wild on leopard if that

is what you wish to do, but, above all, ignore the squeaky voice of society and be

who you are meant to be.




Day Birger et Mikkelsen Safety Pins Jacket
It’s the second time I paird this jacket with a leopard print, but I seem to be repeating a lot of
things lately, so bear with me 🙂
Mango Leopard Tee
American Vintage Trousers
D&G Leopard Tights
Cleo & Patek Clutch
Accessorize Necklace
Mango Belt
Zara Pumps