Ice-cream is exquisite – what a pity it isn’t illegal (Voltaire). There is indeed an ice cream so scrumptious that, for the faintest of moments, I questioned its legality. Quirky strawberry and delicious mango, elegant vanilla and fun pistachio, sensual passion fruit and decadent chocolate, delicious tiramisu and fresh lime are just a few of the La Strada flavors. Personally, I am not what one might call an ice cream enthusiasm, as I usually prefer my food hot and my drinks cold. But I do am a fool for beautiful packaging, and with each favor having its own special package I was hooked.


More so, as it comes with a cherry on top too! Or at least metaphorically, as this premium Romanian brand promises quality above all else. That is why I say: forget about your champagne breakfasts, forget about brunches, or cupcake feasts! Added, I encourage you to renounce any traditional view you might have regarding what is known as the most important meal of the day, and treat yourself to an ice cream breakfast!


And because I just can’t seem to get enough, I will be having ice cream for dinner as well, on Thursday, the 30th of May at the cutting-edge La Strada event that promises to be ground breaking. The event, which will be held in University Square, here in Bucharest, starting with 9.00 p.m. will feature the first street fashion collaborative collection. So get ready for the 8 designers to transform the street in a genuine fashion runway. It is up to you to design and transform street fashion to your liking! After all, what catwalk is bigger or more decisive than the street?









 Manoush Dress / Diane von Furstenberg Sandals

Location courtesy of Maison 13.

 Photography by Tudor Codreanu


Wear your true colors and stand out!