I’ve recently stumbled upon a fascinating article courtesy of The MR PORTER Post entitled The New Gatsbys. As most of us, I was familiar with Mr Fitzgerald’s great work since I first read it in high school, and further I was not surprised to see such an iconic 1920s reference being featured since the 20s have returned in this years’ top trends list with such a bang. But what made me linger over this article was not the discussion on the central philosophical question of the novel, nor the insights on the nouveaux riches. What made me pay attention and subsequently reference the article was this paragraph:


“The other indispensable component for Gatsbyism is to be very good at spending money – by which I mean, lavish, un-conflicted, untortured, ambivalence-free. There is a type of very very rich person who attends to the spending of every cent as carefully as if they were very very poor. Gatsbys are the opposite of that. People are so troubled by money that there is something magical, and also troubling, about those few of us who seem not to be.”


And as insightful into human psychology as this was, it attracted me because of the simple, yet strong feeling it evoked, the feeling of absolute freedom. You might say that in the present context of the world economy, and in the general context of everything else that happens in the world, such a Gatsbyesque attitude is irresponsible to say the least. Still, all things considered, once in a while we all need to forget about duties and guilt, to put on a pretty dress, or a dashing suit, to have champagne for breakfast and unreservedly enjoy life.

How did I choose to indulge in my Gatsbyesque day? There’s no way to do elegant ostentatious like the Louis Vuitton way, so I tried to fill my Neverfull with fresh flowers, put on a new dress with some very red pumps and took my chic bicycle out for a ride. Thus, this week’s challenge is quite straightforward: before the week is done take a few moments for yourself, start collecting Dear Diary moments, and be a Gatsby!

2L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 3L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 4L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 5L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 6L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 7L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 8L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine 9L-how-to-be-a-gatsby-louis-vuitton-fashezine

Photograhy by Tudor Codreanu


Peek & Cloppenburg Dress / Prada Cardigan

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Pumps / Asos Necklace and Sunglasses

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag