Life is full of contrasts, contrast in others, in ourselves, or in society. But as emotionally straining as these contrasts tend to be, life without them would simply be a platitude. it would be a monotonous string of banalities, each day tailored by the same pattern as the previous.

Similarly, fashion embraced a new graphic attitude to stir us away from the stereotypical monotony generally associated with black or white. The simple but powerful pairing of the ultimately contrasting black and white makes a dramatic statement for elegance and power. What is more, this bold contrast translates wonderfully into a seriously chic work outfit.

As a declared stripes-enthusiast, I feel in love with this BCBG structured dress. You know the feeling, I’m sure. The feeling when you see the perfect new dress, the dress that will complete your wardrobe, and by extension your life. That might be a tad superficial and a lot Becky Bloomwood-esque, but it is also truer than one could expect. This game-changer is as versatile as can be, but more on this, next time! Until then, indulge in stripes because . . .

. . . It’s time to be bold!

2-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast 3-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast 4-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast9-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast5-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast7-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast6-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast8-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast10-fashezine-bcbg-high-contrast

Photography by Tudor Codreanu 


BCBG Max Azria Outfit
(BCBG can be found at Baneasa Shopping City, 1st floor)

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