“I advocate glamour. Everyday. Every minute”

“Glamour above all things.”

― Dita Von Teese


This holiday season I’ve decided that decorating the house and baking goodies will not be enough anymore. Because, as with everything in life, being tired, exhausted, or even upset is no reason to not put on your best heels and lipstick. Go the distance, go all the way, my darlings!

That is why when I first caught a glimpse of the new La Strada Haute Couture cakes I thought they’d be just perfect for my new holiday resolution. Limited edition, hand made, seasonally decorated, and oh-so-stylish, how great is that? And if you’re feeling adventurous you should know that they come in three different options, each one inspired by a fashionable city. Paris could not be anything else but rasberies, champagne, and raisins; Milan is apricots and honey; and London means cinnamon, coffee, and decadent chocolate. This will make my resolution for a glamorous Christmas so much easier! But please, try to keep it our little secret 😉

Courtesy of the beautiful location that is Casara Home & Deco, I’ve decided to created a visual How To for a chic and fashionable Christmas. Happy Holidays!









Photography by Tudor Codreanu

Murmur Dress & Belt / Fendi Pumps

Location courtesy of Casara Home & Deco


P.S. You can find La Strada’s delicious Haute Couture cakes here:


 Hypermarketurile Carrefour Baneasa si Carrefour Orhideea

Carrefour Market  Caramfil si Pipera,

 Magazinele Mega Image din Piata Vitan, Vitan, Jollie Ville, Pipera, Gemenii, Piata Sudului

 Statiile OMV Pipera , Aerogarii, Coposu , Iuliu Maniu, Electroaparataj, Titan, Corbeanca 1, Timisoarei , Chitila


– Hypermarketul Carrefour Brasov

Statia OMV nr. 4 Darste

Valea Prahovei

– Statia OMV Predeal