While going through my ever growing stack of unread books (remember my New Year resolutions? I said I’ll keep them, and I will! After all, a resolution is a terrible thing to waste) I discovered one which I was postponing for the longest of times: Happiness – The Science Behind Your Smile. In fact, I wasn’t just being my procrastinating self, but was dreading to find out the truth: are we really happy, or are you simply choosing to be?

“At first glance, happiness seems a little like love: if you have to ask whether 

you’re in it or not, you are probably not.”

Thus, by a basic logical deduction one could easily jump to the conclusion that I am questioning my own state of happiness, or rather unhappiness. Yet, that would be a far too superficial assumption, as I decided to address the complex issue of human happiness nudged not by an internal problem, but by an external one. As you know, and as I’ve already previously acknowledged, Valentine’s Day is approaching. A holiday that you might justifiably be weary of, due to its commercial consumerism, artificially sweet nature, ambiguous past, and distorted meaning. Still, what better to prompt a question on the nature of happiness than the very celebration of love?
As some of you might know, last year I’ve protested against the concept of shallow love through the launch of my jewelry line, BONE. “Love is Dead, this first BONE collection is not intended as a manifesto against the general concept of romanticism and love, but only against the superficial love which is being given and taken with great ease, and which came to define contemporary society.” And while I continue to stand by that statement, this year, I’ve unpretentiously decided that it’s time to get happy!

“If most people say that they are happy, does that mean that most of us are living 
in the best of all possible worlds?”
In no particular order, things that start with the letter “B” have a distinct nature of making me happy: books, black, burlesque, blue eyes, baroque, my newest bracelets from Diva Charms. And I have some positively optimistic new rings as well, but that’s an entirely different letter, and a very different story. So, does that mean that I consider these things to be actual perfection? If we’re talking about Poe’s short stories and maybe about Miss Dita von Teese, than yes. But if we’re talking about all the rest, than certainly not. Still, while I rationally know these are not the best of everything, I find the best in them. And that my friends, is real happiness. 

My advice? Give into the madness, buy yourself and your loved ones something nice, just because, and choose to be happy! Because, after all, as John Stuart Mill so gently stated: 

“Those only are happy … who have their minds fixed on some object other 
than their one happiness. Aiming thus at something else, they find 
happiness along the way.” 

Being Happy in …

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