Dress by Love**, Headpiece by Dulapul Bunicii, Bird ring and Watch necklace by Topshop, Tights by American Apparel, Shoes Vintage
Lipstick by Rouge Baiser, shade Rouge Intensement, and make-up by M.A.C.
For those of you who’ve seen this year’s Emmy Awards, at least for the fashion if not for the show, you know that Mad Men was one of the favourites. And as the winner of both Script and Best Drama series it had every reason so acclaimed. Yet this is not the main reason for which I’m bringing this great TV show into discussion. It is because I simply love it!
Agree, the constant smoking, in which mostly all of the characters engage in, gets a bit hard to swallow at times. Still, the great dialog and script, the bubbly characters, and particularlly the amazing outfits make it a must see.

Set in 1960’s New York, the show focuses on the advertising men of Madison Avenue, but it is also an excellent portrail of women’s lives and the way in which they where perceived in America’s 60s. And if these are not reasons enough reasons to start seeing it, the sassy Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) will sure make it worth your while.

That being said you can imagine that an outfit post inspired by the assumed sensuality of Joan (the femme fatale), the determination of Peggy (the first female copywritter at the firm), and Betty Draper’s (the 60’s housewife) elegance, was only a matter of time 😉