Do you know the feeling you get when you have a song stuck in your head
and you can’t really remember what song, but you can’t seem
to shake the tune either?
Most of the times it’s one of those dreadful repetative tunes that you wish would have never
made their way into your brain. But there are time, if scarce, when the song
that you can’t help but hum does one of the most simple
and natural things: it brings a smile to your face.
It was one of these tunes that I’ve been humming all day. And even if all I could distinguish
between the blurry lyrics was “hair” and “flowers” it put me in the most
wonderful of moods.
So I just went with it, followed the tune and took in the inspiration. Still, no amount

of dancing around the house and flowers pinned in my hair did the trick in

helping me identify the song. It was only when I gave up and
started writting this post that I found myself singing
the entire song.
Just to show that some things really do happen only when they’re supposed to 🙂




Dulapul Bunicii Oversized Hair Flower
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Asos Flower Print Top & Flapper Hat
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Oh I’m so happy about Spring!

And what better way to start the Spring season than with a utterly creative contest?

Tabu Magazine teams up with Mango to bring us a “Window Display” contest!

You’ve read corectly 🙂

Show your Window Display abilities by building a moodboard inspired by the 70s,
Then submit its photo at Foto Tabu, between 22.03.2011-4.04.2011.
Do to location of said contest the following section is exclusively

for those who would be able to attend an event in Bucharest.

Go here for all the instructions.
Yet I hope everyone will enjoy the window display inspiration, as photographed by me
from the pages of Window Display – New Visual Merchandising,
by Tony Morgan
Cover photograph by Andrew Meredith
Floral abundance at Marc Jacobs New York
Rebel against the norm like Agent Provocateur London
this is one way of saying that it’s time for Matthew Williamson
Moschino’s army of ants window is appropriately called “Carried Away”
Viktor & Rolf take a traditional room and turn it upside down for Selfridges
Time stands still for On Pedder as playing cards and shoes remain suspended in the air
Topshop is quirky and still stylish in its superhero outfit
the classic color wheel can do wonders if used correctly, as Topshop again proves.
And Bergdorf Goodman New York create yet another outstanding and theatrical window.
Speaking of Bergdorf Goodman, if you fancy seeing more of their amazing work,
for those of you who haven’t already, check out the window display photos
Hope these are all inspirational And I’m looking forward to seeing your creations!