It dates back to the 16th century, and it is known as ‘serge de Nimes’, or ’twill of Nimes’, or, maybe even more popular, just denim. Yet, even though its history is a rich one, it was Brooke Shields, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Jennifer Grey, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, and a handful of contemporary pop stars that made it the iconic fashion item that it is today.
Relatively recently Net-a-Porter dedicated an entire issue to jeans, and as we can see in their detailed jeaneology, the use of denim has evolved more rapidly in the last 60 years than it has from the first time it was used as a fabric for pants in the 19th century.
  • 1800s – used by ranchers and cowboys;
  • beginning of the 1900s – denim dungarees become the official working uniform for the navy;
  • 1940s/1950s – straight legged, high waisted, rolled up jeans are being worn by the young and rebellious;
  • 1960s – jeans become more popular and universally accepted;
  • 1970s – high waist, flared and wide-leg jeans; embellishments are also used; “Jeans were the only uniform to wear to a 1970’s pop concert.” (source)
  • 1980s – punk and acid wash jeans are introduced;
  • 1990s – low, and extremely low, waist lines; straight leg; big and baggy; drainpipe jeans; head-to-toe denim outfit. It’s the Denimania Era!
  • 2000s – skinny jeans are the new must have;
  • 2010 – anything goes.
Be it because of its versatility, be it indigo, embellished, distressed, washed out, blue, black, or grey, be it cropped, high-waisted, flare, or stolen from the boyfriend, in the form of a pair of pants, a shirt, or a dress, we all have at least one denim item in our closets. Which is your favourite?
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