Stefanel sweater, Vintage silk skirt,
Wolford tights, Vintage shoes,
Necklace bought at Kiasma, Helsinki

Symmetry, simple and straight lines, uniformity, proportion. These are some of the features of rationalist architecture, a movement “which maintained a strong commitment to the conquests of the aesthetics of Cubism.” (source) Its representatives include Giuseppe Pagano, Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, among which the later is probably the most internationally known. Le Corbusier’s work in architecture and urban planning, based of the philosophy of rationality and functionality consisted the basis of modernism.

You might be wondering why this is the subject of our conversation for today. Exactly what I, the eclectic and cluttered person you’ve come to know, was wondering when I discovered myself inexplicably drawn to the rationalist aesthetic. Strangely, the realisation came while lingering over the photos of photographs such as Yaniv Cohen or Can Tunaboylu, or even the wonderful flickr group dedicated to Rationalism in Architecture. It was while browsing my lookbook of the RTW Spring 2011 runway looks that I realised my fascination with straight lines and symmetry.I’ve used one on Hussein Chalayan‘s more soft and feminine looks as inspiration for my latest outfit in order to counterbalance the settings regularity. At the same time I’ve mirrored the straight shapes in the background with the print from the tights. If it sounds as if I’m going mad over the awesomeness of straight lines, please indulge me, as this love is not new.

One thing that you might have noticed in these photos is that I haven’t styled my hair at all, and left it completely natural. As opposed to this, there has been a time when I was obsessed with having my hair perfectly straight. I remember being so incredibly happy to discover the ghd flat iron after a friend promised to get my hair straighter than straight. And that she did. However, for now, my ghd is stored in the bathroom cupboard since I’m not styling my hair as much as I used to, as to compensate for the monthly dying that it is undergoing. Yet if you’re looking for an unbelievably efficient hair straightener, that’s the way to go.

Hope you’ll also enjoy the pairings I did between a few looks from the next season and some representative buildings of the Rationalist movement in architecture. Inspiration really is all around 🙂

Gareth Pugh Runway RTW Spring 2011, Mies van der Rohe residential towers
3.1 Phillip Lim  Runway RTW Spring 2011, Le Corbusier The National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, Tokyo
Maison Martin Margiela Runway RTW Spring 2011, Frank Lloyd Wright The Robie House & Fallingwater