Fast cars, fast food, fast money, fast communication, fast drying nail polish, from the more mundane or frivolous to the most important aspects, our lives are now characterized by time, and the quality of our lives is measure by how much of this time we save. Needless to say that there are several important movements which aim at establishing a healthier, and “slower”  way of living, such as the Slow Food movement.

Still I am not here to lecture on the significance of a “slow” lifestyle, as what I want to talk about is one of the few benefits of fast living: pop-up stores. Yes, you’ve read correctly, because I believe that with their temporary and unique nature, pop-up stores represent a quintessential part in modern society, both psychologically and economically. On the one hand, pop-up stores give people a chance to try something new, and allow them to experiment. On the other, these provide a welcomed alternative to the traditional, and already monotonous, commercial practices.

Originally, pop-up stores started with the specific aim of targeting “the cool kids”, yet quickly turned mainstream with high-end brands adopting the concept. A relevant example would include Valentino’s fairytale greenhouse, a contemporary space that not only popped-up, but also traveled from city to city. Yet the days when pop-ups where only for the hip and artistic are gone, as they now offer a much needed solution to some of the local economic difficulties, and raise awareness and exposure on either the designers showcased, or the venue and neighborhood.

With so many advantages it’s easy to understand how and why pop-up stores are literally popping-up everywhere. However, with this new popularity comes another challenge, the need to differentiate. That is why I can only celebrate and commend the paradoxical concept behind a young pop-up store in town: DESIGNER’S DRIVE-IN. Why paradoxical? Because while their name suggests an accelerated notion of buying, along with its characteristically ephemeral nature, they in fact promote the slow food version of romanian designers.

The second edition is tomorrow, 6 aprilie 2013 / 11.00 – 20.00 @ Maison 13 (Str. Dumbrava Rosie Nr. 2 – Gradina Icoanei).

And along with my all time crush, 109, here is who and what you can expect: Designeri: 109, Adelina Ivan, Atelier Atu, Carla Szabo, Carmen Secareanu, Ciprian Vrabie, Corina Vladescu, Cristian Samfira, Gabriela Dumitran, Irina Marinescu, Lady Magpie, Le Petit Indigent, Ligia’s Accessories, Murmur, Pam Pam, Stereo Socks, Valentina Vidrascu, Venera Arapu. Curator: Marian Palie.

So in the hopes that you will be popping-up tomorrow, see you there!

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109 Vampire Dress / Ceci n-est pas un blazer

Shourouk Necklace / Miu Miu Heels