Sometimes, things are also red.

And pastel pink, turquoise, yellow, and so many other lovely colors.

Next time when you have any type of dilemma, be it moral, ethical, or frivolous, put yourself in the other person’s shoes (only theoretically, unless, of course, they’re really really nice shoes). Eliminate those famous shades of grey, because they’re actually only a weak replica of black and white. And begin looking at all the wonderful colors that give dimension and originality to any situation.
The French, remaining true to their nature as oratory (read altercation, dispute, and argument) lovers, have taken the art of debate to unexpected heights. Somehow, it does make sense that the institutionalization of sometimes absurd, but always incredibly original subject matters has been shaped in the city of Paris.
The Eloquence Competition is being organized by the Paris Court in order to discuss, no irony intended, quite vital matter for our modern lives.
Should we burn our love letters?
Can we heal from all words?
Should we grow up?
Should we love crazy people?
To love a little is to love too much?
Do good things always have to come to an end?
Is tomorrow another day?
so Discover. Understand. and Love.
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