I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating when saying that there’s nothing like the feeling of a crisp Sunday right after a good Summer rain. The air is fresh, natures seems revived, and everything looks clean and new. I for one didn’t come up with anything new as my obsessive personality strikes again, for instance I’m still fascinated with denim. This time it’s not flare jeans, or a denim dress, but a pair of worn-out boyfriend jeans. Very comfortable, of course, and casual enought to make a proper white jacket appropriate for a lazy Sunday out.

As it is, it was quite an eventful Sunday. So what did I learn today?

☆ Sunday mornings are best spent in bed.
☆ Don’t be afraid to walk bearfoot in the grass.
☆ If you’re not going to ignore strangers completely, then be nice and smile at them.
☆ The things you have, or even the thoughts you have are not what define you, but what you do.
☆ Kittens really are the cutest thing.
☆ Exercise and stay active.
☆ And, as cheesy as it might sound: go after your dreams.

Zara White Jacket
H&M Cotton T-Shirt
Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans
Thrifted Off-White Shoes
Love Moschino Shopper Bag