With the risk of having this hold over my head for the entire duration of the near future, however long that might be, I must admit that last weekend marked an important date: my first visit to the Orsay Museum. The main reason for this already overdue decision was the temporary exhibition Beauté, morale et volupté dans l’Angleterre d’Oscar Wilde, a feast of paintings, decorations, illustrations, poetry all depictive of the particular beauty of Oscar Wilde‘s world.
And while the exhibition in itself deserves a visit, and extensively makes up for a long queue, it is the museum’s entire collection that is ultimately inspiring. Boldini‘s Scène de fête au Moulin Rouge, with it’s red and gold accents, Whistler‘s colors, or rather lack thereof, Caravaggio‘s chiaroscuro … they are all a rich source of inspiration, for how could so much darkness and beauty, and beauty in darkness not continue to fascinate over and over again?

As for you my darling reader, do share, what is it that inspires you lately?

Vintage Silk Crimson Dress
 H&M Necklace and Bracelet / Hamsa Charm Bracelet
Stefanel Oversized Cardigan / Mango Velvet Belt
Jimmy Choo Boots

P.S. The dress is from my latest vintage shopping spree, of which you can see more photos over at that lovely Gia.