“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.”

– Charles Baxter –


Generally, I cannot speak for the truth in Charles Baxter’s quotes, but when it comes to making a statement you can surely put your faith in ice cream. Its history can be traced back to the Persian Empire in 400 BC, and China around 200 BC. It is assumed that Arabs started using milk as a major ingredient thus ice cream became wide spread in the Arab world as early as the 10th century. And both Catherine de Medici and Charles  I of England names are intertwined in the story of ice cream. But rarely has an ice cream been so stylish and chic as the newest premium Romanian brand: La Strada Contemporary Gelato.


My recipe for making a statement?


You take one part vintage Armani with two parts Christian Lacroix adorned sandals and combine them carefully. Then, to top it all off, gradually add your choice of La Strada ice cream. And don’t forget that the fancy packaging is different from one flavor to the other so you can easily pick and choose the perfect one to go with your couture apparel.

Classic and elegant, couture and extravagant, fun and quirky, modern and dynamic, sophisticate and intense, cool and fashionable, La Strada is the perfect accessory for this Summer. Wear your true colors on the street!


2-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream 3-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream 4-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream 5-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream 6-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream 7-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream 8-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream

Photography by Tudor Codreanu


 Check out La Strada and stay fashionable!