A perfect cappuccino consists in a balanced blend of espresso and hot milk, with a rich steamed milk foam. A perfect new year requires a new project, some fresh snow, and a steaming cappuccino.
I am overly-excited to share all the details about the new project, as I cannot wait to hear your thoughts! Right now I’m putting some final details in place. Soon, very soon 😉
We didn’t get any snow at all, but I did get a new haircut and hair color. Very different than the red shade you know so well, but much closer to my natural shade. And, as the McDonalds marketing team would put it, I’m loving it! What do you say?
Aaand I’ve been spoiling myself silly with a cappuccino and a croissant every morning since this year started, because if you’re not going to spoil yourself, chances are no one will. After all, one has to set the example! So make the best out of this new year, make/order a cappuccino, grad a good book, and get inspired!
Dress: Sandro
Necklace: BONE
Trench: Topshop
Hat: Vintage
(from grandma’ who has it from her grandma’ 🙂
Belt: Zara
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Topshop