“May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down.”

— Sara June Parker


The woman with a perfect relationship, the woman with a great body, that with an accomplished professional life, or the one whose closet is designer stocked, we all have our moments of sadness or darkness. Regardless of appearances, nothing is as ideal and immaculate as it appears from the outside. And in a world that gives us more than a handful of unnecessary choices and teaches us that there’s always something bigger and brighter waiting for us, how could melancholia not be a part of our everyday lives?

Antidotes might include exercise, therapy, meditation, food, support groups, talking to friends and family, maybe even medication. I for one think that there is no better remedy for low spirits that natural and luxurious fabrics directly applied on the skin in the form of fashionable clothing. Imagine my joy when I discovered that Danza Boutique is not the dance-oriented store that I thought it to be, but that it has transformed into a shop which stocks all my favorite niche brands.

Ash, American Vintage, Superfine, Humanoid, Les Nereides . . . To my mind these are synonymous with silk, cotton, cashmere, and fine leather, but also with easy to wear, stylish clothing with just a touch of quirkiness. Light grey tulle and pink leather with a stack of cute pendants are more than enough to prevent one from not missing a sunset anytime soon.

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Danza Boutique Outfit

Humanoid Leather Jacket / Dimensione Danza Dress

You can find more about Danza Boutique on their website, or their Facebook page.

Photograhy by Tudor Codreanu