Summer flings are just like tourist invaded towns: loud, tempestuous, clicheic, superficial, and short-lived, but ultimately unforgettable. We can idealize these as much as we’d like, yet, when reality swoops in, it’s easy to realize that a painted flower, no matter how genuinely reproduced, has no fragrance. So is a town that is too popular for its own good, and so is a fleeting summer romance.

Venice was known for its beauty and romance, for its architecture and charm, for being a birthplace of art and music. Now it is a place swarming with guided groups of tourists, and overflowing with cheap souvenirs and overpriced food. Even so, beneath all the trans fat and the plastic, there is a certain allure that cannot be denied. The appeal of the unknown, unexplored, untested is exactly what makes midsummer trips and romances unavoidable.

And because there is something undeniably attractive about the the heat season, let go of your inhibitions, wear frivolous sunglasses, accessorize with cute and flimsy jewelry you wouldn’t otherwise wear, use a different name when you meet new people, kiss a stranger, dance on the street, add a Pandora charm for every moment worth remembering, and don’t think about the end of summer.

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Pandora Bracelets, Charms, and Rings

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