“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change a girl’s life.”
I’m sure you must have seen this urban saying around the internet, and while I’m sure it was true for Cinderella, I’m not so certain that it can be applied successfully for the rest of us. However, a new pair of shoes do have the magical ability of completely uplifting your spirits. Remember how I once said that I adore the smell of paper in the morning? Well, I must say that the smell of a brand new pair of shoes is almost just as good. And not just any pair, but a perfect, soft and creamy pair of Foxy sandals by Jeffrey Campbell!
I still recall when I first heard about Jeffrey Campbell and his Litas, sometime last year, and how amazing I thought they looked while still doubting their functionality. They just can’t be this tall, and gorgeous, and as comfortable as everybody’s saying, can they?! Yes they can!
I resisted ordering them for a long time. I even resisted trying them on when I had the chance. I guess I was just trying to conserve the myth that a beautiful, and especially very tall pair of shoes can also be kind to my feet and practical. Yet last night I could resist no longer thanks to Diana and Roxana, the perfectly lovely owners of a charming boutique on the fashionable Avenue Victoria, in Bucharest, called Chantal.
Last night was a kind of a busy night with events popping up everywhere. And realising that it isn’t, yet, physically possible to be in more that one place at the same time, while some decided to attend the opening of the new headquarters of the Romanian art gallery, Artmark, Medine and I opted for the launch of Jeffrey Cambell in Bucharest. Call us frivolous, but, I tell you, shoes are the new art. So we put our newest shoes on, Medine in Manoush suede flat booties, and me in the Diane von Furstenberg wedges, and we accepted the invitation of Cristina Pana, opening our hearts to the possibility of even newer shoes.
Charming company, fresh lemonade, cold martinis, macarons, colourful dresses, and a wall full of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Now that’s what I call a perfect evening 🙂
shoes make for pretty window decor
the pink Foxys where my first crush, but unfortunately they where also all sold out in my size.
“THE” gold glitter Foxy
which where tried on and on . .
and on . . until one of us finally bought them 🙂 Do check out Medine’s post on her First Pair of Foxys.
the booties where also present, both brown and beige
also black
and let’s not forget the clothes


silk dresses are something I just can’t say no to!
I really should get this one, no?
All in all, a wonderful event and a must go to store, thank you Chantal!
how could I have resisted these nude Foxy sandals? 🙂
and how could have DeeDee resisted a new box that makes such alluring rustling sounds?
Which would you have bought?
And should I get that dress? 🙂