A lady should never go unaccompanied to a modern cultural event, such as the movies. It is best if she acquires the company of other likeminded ladies, in this case Miss Catalina of Armoire Ideale.

Have your comfort always in view by choosing only the best cinema theaters with the most cozy seats.
A lady is courteous at all times, and thus accepts the refreshments and snacks that are on offer, such as popcorn, or popular cold beverages.
Do not forget to add at least one eye-catching accessory to your outfit, as one should always have something to distract herself, in case the movie showing is lacking.
Last, but most definitely not least, always dress up. “Inattention to dress bespeaks a contempt for the people with whom you mingle.” (The Lady’s Book of Manners) And a lady is nothing if not as attentive to others as she is presentable for herself.
BCBG Max Azria Outfit
(BCBG can be found at Baneasa Shopping City, 1st floor)
Oscar de la Renta Flower Ring
Dior Bow Pumps

And a special thanks to Cinema City Romania!