In life, there are some pleasures which, in order to maintain a certain level of attractiveness, must rest undisclosed. For me, some of these include, but are not limited to, a variety of activities from drinking hot chocolate on a cold day, or preparing 5 o’clock tea for myself, to putting on my newest favorite pair of socks and playing retro video games.

I haven’t indulged in the later in a long time, but recently it somehow came natural when I discovered the latest brand of socks in town, Stereo Socks. This is a brand that started with a “momentary mistake, wearing one blue and one red sock”, but make no mistake, because the design itself has nothing casual nor random about it.

The team behind these fanciful chaussettes is an “international crew that speaks at least 6⅓ languages” and that’s so eclectic that their “background covers all sorts of creative media, doing graphic design, publishing books, magazines and graphic novels, going loco over Karpov Not Kasparov, branding, web, clothing.” And, to top it all off, the chaussettes are made in a factory which started making socks in 1927, and that’s based in Transylvania.

Have I said enough to convince you that this is truly a matter worth looking into? If not, do check out their website, stereosocks.com and see for yourselves exactly how and why I’ve been persuaded to leave my almond tea for Super Mario, and trade my high heels for a pair of chaussettes.

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Stereo Socks & Thrifted Shirt