‘Wearing vintage liberates one from the dictates of the contemporary fashion machine. Season after season, vintage continues to influence contemporary designers’ collections. The trendsetting, vintage-wearing fashionista embraces this ideology and enjoys mixing modern and old into a refreshing individual style. In a world of cookie-cutter copyists, it is vintage that sets one apart and creates the mystery in one’s personal style. It is the ultimate in exclusive dressing.’

Cameron Silver, Decades Vintage, Consultant, Louis Azzaro
in Shopping for Vintage
TopShop Love** Dress, Stefanel Cashmere Cape,
Vintage Earrings from Atelier Aiurea
Oana Calin Velvet Headband, Wolford Tights,
Louis Vuitton Bag, Vintage Shoes
And yet another vintage fair came and went. With lots of beautiful vintage pieces, some very talented young designers, lots of photos, make-up sessions, and fun gift bags it was a wonderful affair! The wonderful young designers are something we’ll talk about and see more of in future posts, yet today I thought of approaching the vintage issue. One thing that I always look forward to at an Absolutely Fabulous Fair are the vintage stands as they have quite a good selection. Yet, in spite of some very applaudable efforts, the term ‘vintage’ continues to be misunderstood and misused. So how better to understand something than to define it properly? According to Funmi Odulate’s Shopping for Vintage:
  • Antique – any garments pre- date 1920
  • Vintage – anything after 1920 and up to early 1980s
  • Retro – mainly 60s and 70s casual wear
  • Secondhand – anything post early 80s


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