A friend recently told me that we all live in bubbles, a variety of habitats that contain entire experiences and backgrounds. Big or small, pretty or plain, we immerse ourselves in these bubbles, and use them for insulation from the outside world until we become completely isolated. And once in a while, he said, we rise only to realize that there are other bubbles out there. They may not necessarily be better, but once in a blue moon, they might be exactly what we need.

I thought it was a nice metaphor and quite a poetic way of looking at our mostly repetitive lives. But the more I though of it, the more I started to wonder about my own bubble. It might be prettier than most, but it sure isn’t stronger. And whether I want to regenerated it or move on to the next, the only thing I can do for now is get out and take a deep breath of fresh air.

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Zara Gloves / Asos Sunglasses & Necklace
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