I used to be obsessed with hairstyles, thus changing my hair as often as I would change outfits. Then highschool came along, and the obsession switched to hair color. After trying close to everything except for a multi-colored punk mohawk, as much as I wished I could not find anyone to help me in this endeavour, I had to settle for ‘normal’ shades. During college I rapidly went from shiny dark locks to light blonde, hence managing to almost completely ruin my hair. So for the next couple of years my hair went through a series of regeneration treatments, until I found what I think to be the perfect shade of red, a shade that you well know by now.
So if the colored is settled, how about some new hairstyles? There are more than a few tutorials out there, that vary from easy-peasy to utterly complicated, yet after a thorough searched I pinned down a handful of approachable hairstyles courtesy of my all time favourite hair straightener brand, ghd.
Today I though we’d try a series of six easy and fast hairstyles that evolve one from the other. Either decide on one of the styles and stop along the way, or go to the next step for yet another look.
Let us start with clean, freshly blow-dried hair, and:
  • a flexible, medium-hold hairspray
(I used Rockaholic Styling Fun Times Flexible Hairspray)
  • a dozen bobby pins
  • a couple hair ties
  • one fine-tooth comb
1. Back-combed 60s
Devide you hair in three horizontal section, tying each section with one of the elastic bands.
Take one strand of hair and back-comb it, then apply hairspray directly under it, close to the scalp. Remember to use the hairspray from a distance of around 25-30cm. Do this until you’ve gone through al of the hair sections.
Arange the hair stands backwards, and lightly comb them over to have a nice clean finish.
2. Side pull-back
Just twist a strand of hair from each side of your head . .
. . and pin them at the back.
3. Bangs bouffant
Worry not, because whether you have bangs or not, you can still pull this off. This time you have to back-comb the side part of your hair, the ones that we previously pulled-back. Take the front hair section and back-comb that one as well.
Now arrange it backwards and lock it in place with the help of a few bboby-pins.
4. Pin-up ponytail
Unpin you bangs and comb them sideways, just be careful not to disturb the original back-combed section. Then tie it with one of the elastic bands, and use your fingers to style the hair curls inwards.
Spray all over to hold everything in place.
5. Side braid
For an easy twist try braiding the ponytail into a 3-way braid.
Not only easy, but very helpful for our next step . .
6. The side chignon
Now that you have some nice curls going from the previous braid take a strand of hair and start rolling it around your fingers until you reach the base of your ponytail and then pin the curl. Do this for all remaining hair strands. For another take on it check out this cute and easy tutorial I found.
As easy as 1, 2, 3 . . or 6 🙂
Which one will you try?