Ever since the very first outfit photos posted on Fashezine, except from the occasional dark lip color, my natural approach to makeup has been become obvious. Still, as Calvin Klein said “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” And makeup I was using: a sheer powder, a rosy-peach blush, some lip balm, and maybe an eyeliner and mascara. It all resulted in the soft natural look that you know.

Yet I am a firm believe of going out of your comfort zone, so if there’s one thing you can count on me for is experimenting. Thus imagine my excitement when the lovely blogger pal Anca Buzea suggested we get together for a makeup session. A negative answers didn’t even cross my mind, so last Saturday, I was on my way to my first makeup session in almost over a year.

After lively several hours packed with talk of makeup, fashion, books, restaurants, Vogue, photography and everything else, along with a makeup kit stocked with M.A.C. and Chanel, we present you with the results . . .

The smokey eyes, the matte nude lips, quite very different from my everyday look, but all something that I can get used to. It definitely paves the way to many more collaboration with the very stylish Anca.

★ She wrote the sweetest article on our recent experince, so do check it out here and see the other results of our fun photoshoot that followed the makeup session ★