If this isn’t the very first time you read one of my posts, I’m sure you already know by now that if there’s one day in the entire week that I hate, that day is Monday. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this, because for various, but multiple, reasons, Monday never goes exactly as we originally planned.
It’s a long time that I’ve given up trying to make anything out of this most terrible of days. Even making plans was out of the equation. That is until recently when something so simple, yet incredibly perfect occurred to me: make Mondays your pampering days. Since doing any relaxing action shouldn’t be so complex, it also shouldn’t be that easily spoiled by the curse of Mondays.
So what can you do?
♥ Schedule a massage at home! If you’re in Paris you can benefit from the magical hands of the Liu family. They come at your home and for only 40/hour while one massages your head and neck, the other rubs your feet. Can you spell heaven?
♥ Give a new type of body jewelry a try! How about a nose ring? Since there are so many nifty nose studs, why not go for a diamond and platinum one? Because a girl can never have to many diamonds!
Want some more?
♥ If you’re lucky enough to have the whole day off, go all out and book the entire day at a whimsical beauty salon! My personal choice is the Russian hair&beauty salon, Oksana.
Try a new hairstyle.
Be the recipient of a head massage.
Get some shine in your hair with a blow dry.
Be amazed at the wonder of braids.
While enjoying a fancy cup of tea.
Enjoy your new relaxed self.
Read a mag, bien sûr.
And why just stop at one?
Feel like a doll!
If you want to see who else got to indulge herself on this absolutely fabulous day, check out the wonderful Catalina, and Silvia (who was also kind enough to provided the photographic evidence 🙂
And in case you’re wondering what I was wearing, here it goes:
N. Peal  Cashmere Twin Set
Topshop Leather Skirt
Stefanel Necklace
Christian Lacroix Boots