Have your cake and eat it too” could easily be the slogan for the stylish new place in town: Rouge Nail Bar, as this is the perfect place to get together with friends, while having your nails done and drinking a glass of chilled champagne, and a freely squeezed juice. Or so I learned when the uber-fashionable Mike Scar suggested we meet up over drinks and manicures.

I don’t like to think of myself as sexist, but I must say that the nail salon was at the bottom of my list of place that are appropriate for male-friends. And yet, it was nothing far from great. Sure, the decor is cool and sassy, the variety of nail polishes is more than substantial, and the menu is extremely tempting. Still, what differentiates Rouge Nail Bar, besides the friendly and extremely professional staff, is the incredible atmosphere.

And so we chatted, we laughed, we drank a delicious freshly squeezed juice, and got our flawless nails done. Simply put, there is not fastest or more pleasant way of  seeing your friends and accomplishing a much needed beauty ritual, all in the middle of our busy-busy schedules, than a date at the Nail Bar.

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So, while Mike’s nails where in the professional hands of a lovely gal, I got my manicure done by a meticulous guy. As for the design, I offered a plain hit: “vampire party”, and  opted to be surprised. And surprised I was with a simple, but evocative model: blood-red nails, and a regal-blue ring finger with a red beads cross. Hope you enjoy!

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Photography by Tudor Codreanu