I’ve been in love with hair braids wrapped around the head for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s in a Chanel ad or in a film adaptation of the popular children’s Swedish books, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the Crown braids, or Heidi braids as they’re also called. Yet my hair never seemed long enough for me to be able to wear it in such a braid. Yet recently, out of necessity and with a bit of luck, I managed to figure out a system that seems to so the trick. It also happens that for some time now I was considering a DIY project for this here blog, but never seemed to get around to decide on one and then actually do it.  So, as my hair braid proved quite popular, I took up Mina‘s, the lovely host of Faboulista, suggestion of turning this into the first DIY project that I present you with. So lets get started!
All you need are two rather thin scarfs, of which the lenght of one is just a bit over the lenght of half of the other one. The picture probably illustrates this better . . .

You begin by combing your hair backwards . . .

Take the longest of the 2 scarfs and place it under your hair, leaving an equal lenght on each side,

and tie it around your hair.

Next you tie the shorter scarf in the same position as the longer one

this time leaving only a little on one of the sides. Thus you create 3 pieces of scarf with similar lengths

which you can now start braiding along with equal amounts of hair. Let the small piece of scarf loose for now.

Bring the braid in the front as it will be difficult to continue with the braid in the back beyond a certain point. Finish it with a knot leaving another small piece of scarf at the end. Don’t worry about any stray hairs since these will stop being visible once you wrap it around.

Now you can wrap the finished scarf around your head. This should be done pretty tight so you won’t have to use additional pins in order to make it stay in place.

Tie the remaining piece of scarf with the one we left loose at the beginning.

You should tie these pretty tight, and will most probably need to do a double knot.

Tuck in the loose ends.

And . . .

We’re done!

DO NOT worry about making it perfect. I’m sure it will turn out great!

DO ask me anything if there’s any step in the making of this that’s not working for you.
send me a link or a picture if you feel like it, would love to see how it turned out.
have fun!


I’m wearing an awesome bodysuit with a great 60s cut, which will probably be better illustrated in a future post, and which I got from a friend. She recently opened an online shop, Pas Boutique, that’s basically Lycra and elastic cotton heaven!