Before we truly immerse ourselves into the delicious madness that is Christmas, with all its wonderful sparkle, fabulous gifts, and oh-so-delicious food, there’s just one more thing we need to check off the holiday To-Do list: a flawless face. And to make that wish come true, this year I enlisted the help of the tried-and-true Dior Cosmetics.

ROUGE NUDE – 263 Swan

Part of the Nude Lipstick line, this is one lipstick that is not to be missed. From warm to cool, there are 10 shades to choose from, so you can find the exact shade of nude that works for you; it really is hydrating (this coming from the person whose lips are constantly chapped), and it has a lovely floral scent. Just like kissing the perfect man, from the first time you try it, you know you’ll never want to let it go.

DIORBLUSH Glowing Color Powder Blush – 939 Rosebud

This silky and lightly scented blush comes in a duo of two shades that you can mix-and-match, or use separately to achieve your desired intensity and color for that natural rosy complexion.

Powder Eyebrow Pencil with Brush – 653 Blonde

As for my last flawless face trick, that is the classic eyebrow pencil. It might not be very glamorous looking, but it definitely makes my top 3 must-have beauty sidekicks, because when done properly your eyebrow do as much for your face, as your eyes speak for your soul.