You’ve often asked me where my inspiration comes from,
and just as often I say that I am inspired by all sorts of things, even the most unlikely ones.
Yet there are times when something is so obviously stimulating and impressing that it naturally
becomes a source of inspiration. This is one of those times because the Icelandic band Steed Lord
is obviously inspirational. A 100% DIY project, music, art, fashion, graphic design,
experimental filmmaking, amazing live performances, a collaboration with H&M
are just a few of the words I could use to describe this extraordinary band
born in Iceland.

Lately, Kali, Mega, and Demo collaborated with choreographer Sonya Tayeh

and the result is an amazing music and art video for the band’s single
123 If You Want Me‘ of their new album

Heart II Heart‘.

How could you not be inspired by their quirky and unique style? Tribal prints,
lamé, 80s colors, classic retro tattoos, pink wigs, black lace, gold masks,
oversized jewelry, glitter shoes, I could go on forever.
But focus I must, so I chose one of the key looks of the video:
colorful turban + statement earrings 
(which by the way only made me realize just how many more earrings I need 🙂
So don’t be afraid to make a turban out of any large scarf, go big on the earrings
and go make a statement.
The Steed Lord way!


So . . how much did you love it? And what inspired YOU?