From bad girls to good witches, each of us has her own special bag of tricks to make us look pretty and confident. So here’s mine:

1. Nasomatto / Absinth : “This bottle of perfume is part of the Nasomatto project. The fragrance aims to evoke degrees of hysteria. It is the result of a quest to stimulate irresponsible behavior.” No more than this to add, other that I’m saving Absinth for use on extra special days.

2. Tom Ford /  Tobacco Vanille : A strong scent that represents the union of two strong extremes, and that has become my signature everyday scent.

3. Clinique / Foundation : They say it provides a “flawless look”, I’m still not convinced, but it is allergy and fragrance free so I’m sticking with it for now.

4. Estee Lauder / Double Wear Concealer : I challenge you to find a better concealer!

5. Dior Blush / Rosebud : A silky and lightly scented blush that blends wonderfully with my skin tone.

6. Dior / Diorshow Mascara : In case anyone’s wondering, I’m still on the search for the perfect mascara, but in the meantime, this will do.

7. Dior / Eyebrow Pencil : The classic eyebrow pencil is the ultimate flawless face trick. As I’ve said before, it might not be very glamorous looking, but it definitely makes my top 3 must-have beauty sidekicks, because when done properly your eyebrow do as much for your face, as your eyes speak for your soul.

8. Dior Skin / Nude Powder : Just the perfect finishing touch.

9. M.A.C. / Fluideline Blacktrack :You know I love my eyeliner! And, if you’re willing to put in the time to exercise applying it, you can learn to love this eyeliner too.

10. M.A.C. / Lipstick Matte Russian Red : You lovely ladies have been asking which is the red lipstick that I always use, so here it is: Russian Red by M.A.C. Be carefully, it will dry your lips like nothing else, but it will stay put all day long.

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