Since I realized that my very kissable Russian Red MAC shade was also a sure way to dry chapped lips I have been on the hunt for a new perfect red lipstick. And, as it usually happens with all good things, I stumbled upon it by accident. So, by chance, I have found a new lipstick to crush on: AVON‘s Ultra Rich Lipstick in Berry Berry Nice.

Luscious, creamy, intense in color, and luminous, but not overly shinny, it is just like its name states very very nice! More importantly, finding it was so inspiring that I naturally decided to do a short, but hopefully helpful HOW TO with Berry Berry Nice as my trusty assistant.

Let’s begin!


1. After applying powder foundation to even your lips out, start lining the contour of your lips with a sharp pencil liner. This is not a step to be skipped, as I cannot emphasize the importance of a good lip liner. I’m using Avon’s True Red, and it was easy as 1..2..3!

2. Once you define your lips, use the pencil liner to fill in your lips as this makes for a perfect lipstick base.


Now for the lipstick…


3. Apply the lipstick from the middle of your lips to the corners, covering the entire area. If needed feel free to use the liner for touch ups.

4. Gently use a tissue to absorb the excess lipstick in order to avoid smudging. Also put one finger (preferably your thumb) between your lips and press to avoid the always regrettable lipstick on teeth accident.

5. Finally, and optionally, you can dab loose transparent powder on your lips and re-apply your lipstick to get a more matte and long-lasting effect.


Stay kissable, and wear red lipstick!