Do you know how sometimes the natural light turns yellow and it make everything around seem golden? It’s when you’re sitting in your favourite chair sipping coffee, or decided to go back to bed to catch up on your favourite magazines. And everything seems warm and quiet and perfect. It’s in one of these wonderful afternoons that I managed to look thoroughly through the latest mags from the ever so sweet Clare from Tweet.

This time, aside from my regular favourite, which as you all know is Dazed&Confused, I also received a treat from Clare’s latest trip, more specifically a copy of Amica, Singapore.

For a rather mainstream mag, Amica was actually quite informative and entertaining. For example, it’s the first that I’ve seen the farytale inspired Hermes ads.

Bags also seem to be into focus with an article on Ethan K.’s luxury handbags. Now, I’m never one to put down a young struggling designer, and especially one’s who’s doing the struggling in a contry which is not his own (Ethan K. grew up in Singapore, but is now based in London), yet I must ask, having seen a few other comparable efforts, is a ”luxury” (i.e. crocodile skin) fabric enough to place a product in the luxury category? Or should we not also look at the heritage, might I dare to say design? Or why not, the story behind the product?

But speaking of bag, if you’re planning on stocking up on your vintage LV luggage collection, New York seems the perfect place.

And speaking of NYC, Amica reminded me of one of the reasons I liked the city. Why yes, it is the utterly stylish and fashion daring men. Now this is men on bikes my way.

I most enjoyed the fashion editorials, one of which includes my latest obsession with underwater photography.

While the other featured is one of the most aestheticand natural-looking accessories pictorial I’ve seen in quite some time, with artistic compositions and gorgeous colors, photographed through a mosquito net.

Next we have Dazed with talk of Africa, men’s fashion and boy/girl bands and a fairly provocative Alexander McQueen ad. Any thoughts on the latter?

There’s a lot of boy talk in this issue. From Galliano’s first young men’s line, Galliano Groupie.

The new line of Armani accessories released in time for the FIFA World Cup.

Alexander McQueen first men’s underwear collection. Again, I can’t actually decide if it’s a natural move on their part or if I’m totally against it.

If being fashionable, even if not very stylish, was what was keeping you from going to the gym, then fear not because LV is (again) here, with the new Damier Graphite gym set.

And staying with the sports-inspired theme, I must mention Adidas “most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced kit in football’s history”, shirts made from recycled plastic bottles (!!!)

We continue with must-read articles on South Africa, including a piece on the new generation of DIY fashion enthusiasts.

Collages are making a fashionable comeback in the latest Dazed pictorial.

And again interesting articles on two of the hippest boy/girl bands. First there’s the hipster electro kids of Crystal Castles talking about their second album.

And then there’s the interweb sensation Die Antwoord, composed of Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser.

Speaking of which, Dazed is proclaiming that hipster girls around the world are already asking for the Yo-Landi at their local hairdresser. But I wonder if they’ll be enough of a hipe to replace the bob sported by Crystal Castles’s Alice. And even so, really, is it still hip if everyone’s doing it? Anyhow, it’s going to be fun to see which of these two ‘leading women’ will become an inspiration for pseudo-cool underground girls around the globe.

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