Some chicks eat ice cream to cheer up, I prefer a breakfast with chocolate chips and girlish tumblr-s.

What are their secret ingredients:

Pastel colours, beautiful creatures, innocence with an erotic twist, a pink sense of humour, heartshaped bruises, a spoon with fairy dust, white witchcraft, happy sadness, ponytails, love bites, chewing gum, horror love stories, antiheroes.

What do you find on them:

Movie stills with sugar quotes

Dozens of fluffy cats

Optimistic fashion ideas for sunny & rainy days

Do it yourself and love them forever items

Likeable images for your timeline

Rhymes for lonely hearts

Vintage photos of modern lovers

My top five girlish tumblr-s:

2 teen-witches


– a cocktail with sugar, spice & everything nice –

3 rookiemag


– tumblr of Rookie Mag the online magazine created by Tavi Gevinson –

4 sequin-covered-swans


– Photographer’s Lukasz Wierzbowski playful tumblr…

5 americanapparel


– sporty outfits for girls over 18 –

6 fuckyeahjeremyscott 2


– a designer who refuses to grow up!