Very fun day out with friends at the V for Vintage fair.
A very delicate interpretation of Lolita from chic chaque, very much like the accessories she’s creating.
A female interpretation of the gentlemen that should have been next to Lolita.
 The lovely Raluca Alexandru with her collection of vintage hats (the biggest in Romania at least) . . .
Simply stunning hats which are dated, restored, and some even reinterpretated where also beautifully displayed.
Clothes were also being displayed
And a lot of clothes were being sold.
Above by True Vintage.
 There was such a large variety that any style could be catered for, from Lady and Gentlemen
to glittery Dr Martens
 The fantasy boots where brought to us by Alice from dulapulbunicii.
Ana Maria from Italian Vintage with her live model and a stand full of
incredible sequin items.
 There where the fairy-like dressed and skirts
to the flesh and blood ones 🙂
 Mirela Ghindean from Le Fabuleux Magasin du Mireille.
There where also the designer and/or hand-made items  . . .
These are some of the pieces from George Neagu‘s collection. SPOILER ALERT* You will be seeing these in more detail very soon, as I just fell in love with a drapped dress/cape of his. They are all done by custom order, and I’m planning to look into the matter as soon as possible.
The range of accessories was also quite wide.
 Delicate ones from Lady Magpie.
Retro-inspired and iconic pieces from the aforementioned Alice.
Andreea Vaduva with the new Biba Bijoux collection . . .
. . . which is absolutely dreamy, just think of sugar and spice and everything nice and you start to get a feel of it. (even the table had gold glitter on it! Anyone who gives such attention to detail deserves getting attention)
Quirky, fun and oh-so-cool plexiglass accessories from Buy Hand. (and again such an interesting display)
Now sure how I feel about the parrot yet, but to visually striking not too be mentioned.
Remind you of anyone? Well yes, it seems like they do have a Alexander Wang influence (Alexander McQueen also came to my mind), but with some different details. They also come in suede from Mineli Boutique by Eve.
The sweet Sinziana from Pixie Shoes came with some of her colorful costum-made pieces.
Roxana from Petite Aimee taking street style photos for This Is My Suite.
The mysterious Fingo Senis caught just as she was also taking visual records of the event.
And just a few of the very stylish girls
 Ingrid from Life and Luxury
Helga and her turquoise sandals.
And many many more . . .
 So sorry I could only get a few but the quantity of clothes, accessories, and stylish girls was really impressive.
And today I leave you with the first of the three unicorns that made my day. Hope it made you smile too 🙂

p.s.: yes, I did end up wearing another outfit.

p.p.s.: in case you were wondering the other two unicorns that made my day came from an awesomely inspiring new blog: MILK enjoy!