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In With The New

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It’s funny how an arbitrary measurement like time can cause us to reassess our lives, make long lists of promises, and end up overpaying for bad parties filled with depressed people staring into their drinks. Just me? Let’s start the year off right with a collection of links bursting with new year-y goodness.

Links à la Mode: January 6th

Shopbop Boot Sale: S.Weitzman, Dolce Vita, Ash, S.Edelman, T.Burch, J.Campbell, Minnetonka, Loeffler, Hunter, UGG, Frye

 And one more thing . .
I’m sure clicking through the wonderful above mentioned links will mean hours of fun and inspiration. Yet before I go off to prepare another lovely little (surprise) post for today I need to share one more thing.
I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by another very stylish blogger, Anaivilo! And with this prize I am also given the mission of sharing 7 things about me and naming 7 other stylish bloggers.
  • illustrations of deer horns
  • stacks of half read books
  • the smell of paper and coffee in the morning
  • jewelry that I buy and never wear
  • insomnia
  • Tim Burton
  • flying pigs
These are all obsessions of mine. What about yours? Yes, I’m asking everyone, because as I’ve started typing the list of 7 stylish blogger to share this with, I’ve realised I could never select only 7. For me, we are all as stylish as can be!
If you wish to share this, feel free to do so, but don’t forget to let me know as I’d love to read your list. Talk soon!