And not because they’re my followers (althought that is quite a nice bonus for me), but because
they are smart, engaging, interesting and interested. Thus I am really one of the luckiest
persons in the world. I have a community with which I can share and discuss
common interests. Each day I am absorbed by captivating posts form
fellow bloggers, and also get to read delightful comments
on my own posts.
And when my beloved fellow bloggers choose to feature my blog . . . well,
it just doesn’t get any better!
So this weekend I’ll be in my best pjs sitting comfortably in bed, tea in one hand,
laptop in the other, reading them:
  • Stylish Thought: the lovely Fajr style stalked me and surprised me with such a beautiful post!
  • Tashrin: I got such a wonderful introduction to my interview by Tashrin. Thank you so much 🙂
  • Pret-a-protester: speaking of interviews, Medine’s was a very fun and thought-provoking one.
  • Florilège d’Esthète: “Breathtaking sulky Beauty whose opalescent skin and wistful Gracefulness don’t fail to evoke these Muses that Sandro Botticelli used to be fond of . . .” Oh, do go on! 🙂 Thank you Antoine!
  •  Camilla Wellton: I was equaly honored to be appreciated and featured on the blog of such an inspiring designer.
  • Handwritten: You know how much I love paper, and the aesthetics of handwriting So how could I not be head-over-heels about the engaging new blog of my PenPal Clareof Tweet, a very personal and must follow blog!
  • Whimsically Random: do check out some of the cutest illustrations, including one of yours trully 🙂
  • theFword: Arina Varga is just a darling to consider me “the most adorable redhead in the world” when she herself is sporting an amazing shade of red.
  • What is even more amazing, is the reason why I left this last, because how could I spoil such a surprise. Remember my hair bow and how I asked you to send me photos if you try it? Well, guess who did? The stunning Arina!! I am honored for you to consider me an inspiration!
Did she not get it utterly perfect?!
Before I wrap up, let me thank you all, for being here, and for being my inspiration 🙂
Have a Sunny Sunday!