Never one to truly give into any ‘new age’ nonsense, I can, however, attest to the power of visualizations. Somehow, somewhere, when we visualize goals and desires, our brain connects the necessary circuits to kickstart the appropriate actions. Even more incredible, with enough hard work and persistence the world around us magically falls into place.

The same process was behind the remodeling and redecorating of my home. A process that involved a lot of planning, and a lot more hard work, but that ultimately led to a cozy and well balanced house that I am proud to call my home. It is this home that has been kindly featured on Visuell, where I invite you to read Sinziana’s article and see the rest of the photos.  And it all started with a simple act of visualization.

1-fashezine-home-visuell 2-fashezine-home-visuell 3-fashezine-home-visuell 4-fashezine-home-visuell 5-fashezine-home-visuell 6-fashezine-home-visuell

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