Or at least that’s how I’ve been labeled by the lovely girls at Shopping Report. You know I’m never one to spend without a limit or without giving it proper thought. But then again, I’m never one to pass up an occasion to have a rewarding fashion-related discussion either. And it’s good that I did do just that with Oana Botezatu who wrote a very cute and funny article on me and my shopping habits.
For those of you who got the mag and read the article, I do hope you enjoyed its humor and whimsicality.


And although my love for print is neverending, I must say that this is definitely not the only of recent features that made me proud.
You might have seen them on my Features page, but I’m sure you’ll understand my need to mention them here as well. So lately . .
* I’ve done a fresh and fun interview for Medine’s Pret a Protester
* I’ve been Style Stalked on Stylish Thought
* Have been featured in American Apparel’s Best of Seen and Submitted page

* I’ve had my booties featured on Feather in a Shoe

* And have been, as always, incredibly thankful for the great feedback that you my wonderful readers give me!
Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!