Let me start by saying a big THANK YOU! for the (yet unanswered) comments on my recent posts. I’m still in a bit of a rush as you never know when Internet signal goes up or, mostly, down here on water. But today we’re taking a trip in Finland’s forests, for a taste of Finish country living. Hope you’re inspired!
Now we should have a piece of cake to go with that beautiful scenery šŸ™‚
and such beautiful interiors!
I tried to add a touch of contry style with the A.P.C. check shirt, a nude Victoria’s Secret tee, the super comfortable Current/Elliot trousers and my trusty red rubber flats.
The bag’s my new favourite day, all around one, the LV Monogram Neverfull. And it really is neverfull, as it fits AND HOLDS everything from camera and lip gloss to unplanned shopping!
The necklace is my N.Y. ‘souvenir’, the classic ‘Return to Tiffany‘ silver heart.
And now . . . this one’s for my pony/unicorn lover friend, you know who you are, and for all you horse lovers out there!