Beware, The New BONE JEWELRY Collection is Out&About.
The Seven Deadly Sins is a collection inspired by our most hidden needs and desires, whose aim is to make us explore the latent aspects of our human nature. The necklaces from the Seven Deadly Sins collection are meant to uncover the mysticism and magic found in all of us.
The collection is a blend of traditional motifs, shapes, and colors, that are carefully blended in order to create a contemporary jewelry line. Therefore, BONE’s signature aesthetic of using traditional influences in a contemporary style is continued in this latest collection. Gold, semiprecious stones, and personalized details have all been charged with sacred powers.
Wear an oversized necklace, or a minimalistic gold coin, layer two or more, combine them with bold outfits, or just add them over a t-shirt worn with jeans. Whichever way you choose to wear them, the Seven Deadly Sins necklaces will awake you innermost urges, and provoke your surrealistic imagination.



(Red Jade / Golf Pearls / Gold plated)
Give into your pleasure, or pleasures, until these are consumed and you are breathless.
(Gold Stone / Onyx / Lapis Lazuli / Red Jade / Green Mountain Jade / Gold plated)
Take a big bite out of life and devour every experience. Seconds are a must.
(Gold Stone / Lapis Lazuli /  Gold plated)
Let yourself be adored and admired; after all, your are unique in the world.
(Dark Green Tigers Eye / Green Mountain Jade / Crystals / Gold plated)
There’s nothing wrong in wanting what your neighbor has, just be careful what you do to achieve it.
(Pyrite / Gold plated)
Work can wait. Take the day off, sit comfortably in a cozy chair and indulge in your favorite hobby.
(Onyx / Gold plated)
Don’t inhibit your emotions, let your anger surface, and turn it into positive and creative energy.
(Gold plated)
Less is not more, more is more.