“Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world.”
Diana Vreeland
If I were to name a theme for this week that would most certainly be Harper’s Bazaar. The Harper’s Bazaar Collections issue is out, and so is the latest issue of Bazaar along with a Bazaar Bijoux. I was thrilled to be featured in a Bloggers and the City article in the Collections issue, and Harper’s Bazaar Romania celebrated 5 wonderful years of existence. In a lavish Full Moon Anniversary Party, we got to talk, laugh, and generally enjoy ourselves tremendously.
So, Why don’t youwear, like the Duchess of kent, three enormous diamond stars arranged in your hair in front?* And while you do that, stay in bed all day, drink champagne instead of breakfast and read the latest Harper’s Bazaar?
*As suggested by the amazingly iconic Diana Vreeland.