“I belong to another generation… “ – The Great Gatsby


A feeling that I share only too well with Fitzgerald’s Mr. Wolfsheim, at least too well for my own benefit most of the times. I dream, no, I yearn for a time when ladies wore hats and gloves, and fashion pioneering was still a real possibility.

dream not of changing this world, but for exchanging it for a world were films were silent and music was loud. And, much as I try, I cannot seem to change myself for this world either. Thus I am stuck between fantasy and reality in a limbo where memory and imagination interweave in a web so thick that neither is distinguishable any more.

So I am left with the only possibility that we dreamers have: to inject the real world with as many ‘memories’ from another time as it will allow us. And since fashion and trends have become almost completely evocative of other periods in history we are sometimes rewarded with a glimpse into the era which lingers in our dreams. The flapper is back!


This is what I wrote in 2011, and my feelings have not changed. Moreover, it would seem that international trends haven’t changed either, because with the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, 1920s references are flooding every media channel possible. And I couldn’t be more delighted! With the first important feminist revolution, that lead to a radical fashion change, and with risqué morals expressed on jazz music, the 20s have more than a couple of things to teach us.

Thus I was thrilled to find out that the most stylish art and furniture gallery in Bucharest, Supreme Gallery, is featuring a series of stunning Art Déco pieces, just perfect for a luxurious gatsbyesque decor. So if we usually choose to accessorize for the event, wheather, or even a fashionable ice cream, today I suggest we accessorize with art objects.


Odeon Glass Fringe Chandelier



Art Deco Velvet and Steel Stools



Art Deco Velvet and Wood Armchairs, circa 1900



Visit Supreme Gallery and have an opulent weekend!