Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about guilty pleasures. Be it in the form of gourmet food, macarons, chocolat,  la tarte aux pommes, wine, etc, if there’s one think the French like, and can always find a way of justifying, is their ‘péché mignon’.
Truth be told, this new change in location has not been stress-free. So, without wanting to encourage our already over consumerist society, I for one am not above indulging in the guilty pleasure  that is shopping., provided that comes with the promise of inner comfort. The vague assurance that everything will be ok couldn’t hurt either.
And because I’ve been good, or naughty, depending of the perspective, Santa came early this year in the form of many new wardrobe goodies.
It’s show-and-tell time, darlings! ♥
Valentino T-shirt
H&M Shoes. How could seeing this heel not instantly improve your mood?
Prada ‘Minimal Baroque’ Sunglasses. I’ve wanted these beauties all Summer, and I’ve finally found them in a day-to-day wearable color.
Alexandre de Paris Daisy headband, looking like it came right out of a Marc Jacobs Daisy campaign.
YLS Arty Ring in black
Topshop Mustard Pumps / Topshop retro Sunglasses / Biscuits Tin Box
H&M Neckalces / Zara Dress / Miu Miu Pumps
Rochas Dress / Zara Belt
H&M Bow / Manoush Skirt
wardrobe mustards and nudes
The cutest hedgehog attached to a Mulberry Belt
and some more cuteness in the form of Owl Earrings.
Finishing it all off with the perfect black bag, brought to us by Mulberry 🙂
Latest vintage finds. Bronze Bird Cage, 4 stuffed birds included / 50s Chanel Ad / Golden Wood Frame
Before putting my keyboard out for the night, let me just ask, so … what is your guilty pleasure?